Friday, March 4, 2011


Weigh-in day came around and i lost 600grams. Not bad considering my poor organisational skills on the weekend.

Ive been hard at it this week but didnt exercise on Tuesday or Thursday. My food choices though were amazing. Since weigh-in day i have lost 500 grams which im hoping will mean a good thing on Wednesday.

This weekend i have declined an invitation to go to the local pub on Saturday night. Im not ready to be in a position where i might make bad choices. Like the people on The Biggest Loser i dont think i have learnt enough yet to be able to do this. Am i upset? NO. Its been awhile since i have had a "me" night so it will be good.

How have i been feeling? A little tired. Work has been busy and a change in hours has distrupted my life patterns a little. Should be better next week. Other than that i feel good.

I am playing mind games with myself. I sometimes wonder - what if im not losing weight and the scales are broken? What if they are telling me that but nothing is happening. I do seem to be eating a lot of food. Although in my heart i know that whilst i feel like im eating more food im just eating the right choices as opposed to the wrong ones.

Today i got a compliment. Someone said that they had been watching me in a meeting and had noticed that i had lost alot of weight in my face. Whilst i dont see it, i was happy that someone was recognising my efforts.

This week marks 26 weeks to Hawaii!!!! If i lose a kg a week then i will be about 10 kg off my goal weight. I would be happy for that in Hawaii. Im hoping though with training and following the 12WBT i might be able to get to my goal weight. That would mean a kg and a half a week. Either way i will be happy!


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  1. Hey Sar
    Sounds like you are going great.
    26 weeks to Hawaii... yah for you.
    You'll do it!

    Bek x
    A fellow 12WBTer