Sunday, February 27, 2011


I learnt a very important lesson ont the weekend....Its extremely important to remain organised when trying to live a healthy lifestyle!

On Saturday it was treat meal day. It was also the one day out of six weeks that i had to work a weekend. At work we organise lunch for our staff. So i thought i would organise something healthy for them as that would work out extremely convenient for me. So i brought bread, sandwiches, meat, cheese, salad etc. In addition to that i bought lollies and a whole heap of junk food. On Saturday, i over indulged in my lunch including having some chips and chocolate.

That night i also went to a 30th birthday and didnt eat before hand as i was still full from lunch. I went to the party and then later became hungry. Of all the times i had to feel that way. Nothing remotely healthy around so i ate terrible again.

I should have organised myself a lot better. I should have prepared lunch and dinner and just stuck with it as i thought i would be able to do the whole "make my own choices". I realise im not ready for that yet. Baby steps!

Although as i write this blog i realise that im blaming the lack of organisation. This is my excuse.

How do i feel today? I have a food hangover and i feel gross. Im going back to do some of my preseason tasks and i wont be putting myself in that position again.

I also made a decision today about what i will do when Bootcamp finishes in about 4 - 5 weeks. Im going to join the gym and go to classes. A lot of my friends go there and im really looking forward to the classes.

That's all from me today...hopefully the next post will be one of inspiration and passion!


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