Friday, March 4, 2011


Weigh-in day came around and i lost 600grams. Not bad considering my poor organisational skills on the weekend.

Ive been hard at it this week but didnt exercise on Tuesday or Thursday. My food choices though were amazing. Since weigh-in day i have lost 500 grams which im hoping will mean a good thing on Wednesday.

This weekend i have declined an invitation to go to the local pub on Saturday night. Im not ready to be in a position where i might make bad choices. Like the people on The Biggest Loser i dont think i have learnt enough yet to be able to do this. Am i upset? NO. Its been awhile since i have had a "me" night so it will be good.

How have i been feeling? A little tired. Work has been busy and a change in hours has distrupted my life patterns a little. Should be better next week. Other than that i feel good.

I am playing mind games with myself. I sometimes wonder - what if im not losing weight and the scales are broken? What if they are telling me that but nothing is happening. I do seem to be eating a lot of food. Although in my heart i know that whilst i feel like im eating more food im just eating the right choices as opposed to the wrong ones.

Today i got a compliment. Someone said that they had been watching me in a meeting and had noticed that i had lost alot of weight in my face. Whilst i dont see it, i was happy that someone was recognising my efforts.

This week marks 26 weeks to Hawaii!!!! If i lose a kg a week then i will be about 10 kg off my goal weight. I would be happy for that in Hawaii. Im hoping though with training and following the 12WBT i might be able to get to my goal weight. That would mean a kg and a half a week. Either way i will be happy!


Sunday, February 27, 2011


I learnt a very important lesson ont the weekend....Its extremely important to remain organised when trying to live a healthy lifestyle!

On Saturday it was treat meal day. It was also the one day out of six weeks that i had to work a weekend. At work we organise lunch for our staff. So i thought i would organise something healthy for them as that would work out extremely convenient for me. So i brought bread, sandwiches, meat, cheese, salad etc. In addition to that i bought lollies and a whole heap of junk food. On Saturday, i over indulged in my lunch including having some chips and chocolate.

That night i also went to a 30th birthday and didnt eat before hand as i was still full from lunch. I went to the party and then later became hungry. Of all the times i had to feel that way. Nothing remotely healthy around so i ate terrible again.

I should have organised myself a lot better. I should have prepared lunch and dinner and just stuck with it as i thought i would be able to do the whole "make my own choices". I realise im not ready for that yet. Baby steps!

Although as i write this blog i realise that im blaming the lack of organisation. This is my excuse.

How do i feel today? I have a food hangover and i feel gross. Im going back to do some of my preseason tasks and i wont be putting myself in that position again.

I also made a decision today about what i will do when Bootcamp finishes in about 4 - 5 weeks. Im going to join the gym and go to classes. A lot of my friends go there and im really looking forward to the classes.

That's all from me today...hopefully the next post will be one of inspiration and passion!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I feel amazing. Enough said!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today felt like a long day at work. By 5 o'clock i was dying to go home but was so exhausted. I ended up leaving work at 6 o'clock.

I had planned this week to go to the gym on Tuesday nights. Today is weigh-in day at work. We are doing a 12 week challenge. I dont like to eat or drink before this weigh-in hence why i dont want to exercise before work.

Driving home i had all the excuses going through my head. Im too tired, ive eaten well today. Then in my head i thought "pull yourself together"! Your just making excuses and this is the main point of this program which you paid $199.

So i did it! I beat the excuses and i went to the gym. I trained hard and burnt almost 400 calories.

Im doing really well!! Tomorrow is weigh in day, so hopefully the results will show. I weighed myself last week so it should be an accurate weigh-on.

I may reassess my goals in a few weeks but see how things go. I may aim to get to 79.9kg but im thinking that may be a stretch but if you work hard the results will pay off. Wont it?


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Weigh-in Day!!!!!

Lost 1.1kg this week. So excited!!! Starting to look good. Total weightloss is now 5.5kg! Go me!

I love weigh-in day when i have lost weight. The nervousness right before i step on the scales right up to the elation of seeing a weightloss. Day by day i find it hard to see results so the scales reassures me that i am doing the right thing.

The countdown is on! 6 days until the start of the 12wbt. Thursday we get our plans for next week which i am so excited about!

I do need to buy a tape measure and im not sure where to get this from and going to Spotlight seems like an effort. Might have to borrow one. I know if i dont do it then i will be disappointed.

Anyways, boring post today - just wanted to offically record my weightloss!


Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today was a day of mixed emotions after a sleepless night!

This morning i was emotional mainly due to being tired. I had a long drive home so couldnt even go for a work to ease my mind.

When i got home i put together my shopping list. With one week to go until the 12WBT i have decided to follow Michelle Bridges Crunchtime book. I then went shopping. Buying all fresh food made me happy. I came home and prepared lunch. It looks so good i could eat it now.

Tomorrow nights dinner is pumpkin soup. Im really looking forward to that! I will see how my cooking skills go!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

I RAN 1KM TODAY........

My friend asked me yesterday if i want to go to Pump Class today. I said yes.

This morning i woke up after a terrible nights sleep (woke up 4 times) and decided that i wasnt going to go. I got up, went to the toilet and weighed myself. This is my usual morning routine now. After jumping on the scales i realised that i hadnt lost any weight since yesterday. This just confirmed to me that i needed to go to the gym regardless of how tired i was. So off i went!

Got to the gym and did the Pump Class. Then jumped on the bikes, then the tready. Managed to run 1km straight without stopping. I felt like i had good form. I loved it. It was amazing! I will be running the 5km Run for the Kids before you know it. I ended up spending 2 hours at the gym.

Today, i felt amazing. Getting up and going to the gym (even though i didnt want to) was the best thing i did. Not only did i get my exercise in but i made myself proud and felt food all day!

The moral of the story - sometimes an obsessive personality is not such a bad thing. If i wasnt obsessed with weighing myself on a daily basis then i wouldnt have gone to the gym today. Im 100% sure that weighing myself EVERY DAY is the right thing for me...