Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Weigh-in Day!!!!!

Lost 1.1kg this week. So excited!!! Starting to look good. Total weightloss is now 5.5kg! Go me!

I love weigh-in day when i have lost weight. The nervousness right before i step on the scales right up to the elation of seeing a weightloss. Day by day i find it hard to see results so the scales reassures me that i am doing the right thing.

The countdown is on! 6 days until the start of the 12wbt. Thursday we get our plans for next week which i am so excited about!

I do need to buy a tape measure and im not sure where to get this from and going to Spotlight seems like an effort. Might have to borrow one. I know if i dont do it then i will be disappointed.

Anyways, boring post today - just wanted to offically record my weightloss!



  1. Supermarkets or K-mart might have them in their (very small these days) haberdashery sections.

  2. Thanks, i ended up getting it from Coles which was really convenient!