Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today felt like a long day at work. By 5 o'clock i was dying to go home but was so exhausted. I ended up leaving work at 6 o'clock.

I had planned this week to go to the gym on Tuesday nights. Today is weigh-in day at work. We are doing a 12 week challenge. I dont like to eat or drink before this weigh-in hence why i dont want to exercise before work.

Driving home i had all the excuses going through my head. Im too tired, ive eaten well today. Then in my head i thought "pull yourself together"! Your just making excuses and this is the main point of this program which you paid $199.

So i did it! I beat the excuses and i went to the gym. I trained hard and burnt almost 400 calories.

Im doing really well!! Tomorrow is weigh in day, so hopefully the results will show. I weighed myself last week so it should be an accurate weigh-on.

I may reassess my goals in a few weeks but see how things go. I may aim to get to 79.9kg but im thinking that may be a stretch but if you work hard the results will pay off. Wont it?


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