Saturday, February 12, 2011

I RAN 1KM TODAY........

My friend asked me yesterday if i want to go to Pump Class today. I said yes.

This morning i woke up after a terrible nights sleep (woke up 4 times) and decided that i wasnt going to go. I got up, went to the toilet and weighed myself. This is my usual morning routine now. After jumping on the scales i realised that i hadnt lost any weight since yesterday. This just confirmed to me that i needed to go to the gym regardless of how tired i was. So off i went!

Got to the gym and did the Pump Class. Then jumped on the bikes, then the tready. Managed to run 1km straight without stopping. I felt like i had good form. I loved it. It was amazing! I will be running the 5km Run for the Kids before you know it. I ended up spending 2 hours at the gym.

Today, i felt amazing. Getting up and going to the gym (even though i didnt want to) was the best thing i did. Not only did i get my exercise in but i made myself proud and felt food all day!

The moral of the story - sometimes an obsessive personality is not such a bad thing. If i wasnt obsessed with weighing myself on a daily basis then i wouldnt have gone to the gym today. Im 100% sure that weighing myself EVERY DAY is the right thing for me...


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